About us

Since 2002, Gripz has adorned thousands of women’s feet bringing the Singapore footwear industry a step closer to the frontline of fashion. At Gripz, we believe that the footwear completes an outfit, thus we scour the globe for the latest styles so as to create pieces that simply stand out as trendsetters.

Bringing designs that are fashion ‘must-haves’, we constantly enjoy media exposure with our unique footwear gracing fashion and lifestyle magazines. On top of that, we also received recognition from several local magazines with honours like “The Best Boutique Finds in Singapore”, “Best Shoe Shop for Real-Girl Budgets” as well as “Best Shop for Fun Foot Wear”.

Gripz, a proudly Singapore owned, can be found at Marina Bay Link Mall, Hitachi Tower, and Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, and has a hot following of fans across the age groups of teens to working women. Now, with plans to expand, we would like to take Gripz creations to wider audiences to share our definition of fashion.